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We strive to provide a better learning structure for children through a hands-an experience and basic academics by our teachers, who are fully certified and/or credentialed in early childhood

education. Kiddie City is highly selective in it's hiring process. Only the best candidates are considered based on experience, educational background and passion for teaching. Our teachers view each child as an individual and as part of the group. They assess the child's developmental needs in all areas which helps to create weekly lesson plans for each classroom.

We strive to create a sense of community among ourselves as well as with the families we serve. We hope that you and your children will soon find yourself comfortable among new friends.



Our daily schedule is carefully planned with a well balanced day that includes a variety of  activities for all children. We follow weekly lesson plans that every parent can view in each classroom. Through constructive play children enhance their cognitive, social, emotional, language, and physical skills. We work with children who are not potty trained with the full support from the parents.

       KIDDIE CITY                    LIC#C980824       AGES  2-5 YEARS OLD


Pre-k classroom schedule

   6:30-8:00  Arrival/Free Play

   8:00-9:00  Breakfast/Free Play

   9:00-9:30  Circle/Small Group/

                    Gross Motor Activities

  9:30-10:20  Free play/Projects

  10:20-10:30 Clean-up

  10:30-10:45 Story

  10:45-11:00 Bathroom/Books

  11:00-11:30 Gross Motor/ 


  11:30-12:30 Bathroom/Lunch  

                    Story Time  

  12:30-1:00  Free Play

  1:00-3:00    Rest Time

  3:00-3:15    Bathroom

  3:15-3:45   Snack/Small Groups

  3:45-5:00    Centers/Free Choice

  5:00-5:30    Outside Play

  5:30-6:00    Story/Free Play/


 VPK classroom schedule         6:30-8:00   Arrival/Free Play

8:00-9:00   Washing Hands/Breakfast/

                  Free Play

9:00-9:30   Outside/Gross Motor

9:30-9:45   Wash Hands/Group Game

9:45-10:15  Circle/Small Group/Yoga

10:15-11:00 Projects/Free Play/

                   Small Group

11:00-11:30 Free Play/

                   Gross Motor Activities

11:30-12:30 Bathroom/Lunch

12:30-1:00   Story/Quiet Play

1:00-3:00     Nap time

3:00-3:15     Washing Hands/Snack

3:15-3:30     Bathroom/Free Play

3:30-3:45     Centers/Small Groups

3:45-4:30     Outside Play

4:30-5:30     Centers/Free Play

5:30-6:00     Story/Free Play/Departure