Our school is actively involved in the process to help children develop the emergent literacy skills they need to become successful students. Our involvement goes way back since the state of Florida offered free 3 hours of Voluntary Pre Kindergarten for all 4 year olds regardless of family income. The Florida VPK Educational Standards is a guidance to prepare our children for Kindergarten. The skills included in the Education Standards are typically demonstrated by children by the end of VPK. These standards are grouped around seven areas of development.  To learn more please click on the VPK link above.

We choose to offer the School Year VPK program (540 Hours) that will begin late in August and will end in early May of the following year with one week off during winter break. For the families that need full time care we offer wrap around care with free VPK. 

We start to plan for VPK in early spring so we can save the spots for the children that have already attended our program. Please make it your first priority to get the Certificate of Eligibility and turn it in as soon as possible so we can reserve the spot for your child. For More information on how to get the certificate please click on the VPK link or call us and we will be happy to help.  




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       KIDDIE CITY                    LIC#C980824       AGES  2-5 YEARS OLD


       2 year olds

The care that children receive and their experiences during the first 3 years of life have a powerful influence on how they view the world, how they relate to others, and their ability to succeed as learners. Our privilege as Early Childhood Educators is to have a unique opportunity to make a difference in the lives of very young children and their families. Caring for children under 3 is too important to leave to chance. Our teachers are always prepared for what they do each day in their work with children. That is why we use developmentally appropriate CREATIVE CURRICULUM. A curriculum is like a roadmap; it helps us get where we want to go. It includes goals and objectives for children's learning in all areas of development: social/emotional, physical, cognitive, and language. Creative Curriculum explains all aspects of a developmentally appropriate program and leads us through the process of planning and implementing every aspect of caring for and teaching our 2 year olds. All the above outlines are carefully used to create age appropriate activities in the 2 year old classroom. Our interaction between the children and the adults encourages the development of attachment and the resolution of separation problems. A variety of program activities are suggested to foster development in all the senses, motor abilities, and social development. We do potty training with the help and support from the parents.

  Pre-K/ VPK program

Each activity at KIDDIE CITY is carefully matched to coincide with the universal stages in all areas of children development: *Physical, *Cognitive, *Social/Emotional, *Creative. Therefore, when children move to new levels of ability, there are always experiences they can choose in order to gain new mastery. There are many opportunities for children to practice interacting more effectively with others. Listed below are specific goals and objectives for children between 3 and 5 years of age who participate in our program using the CREATIVE CURRICULUM. All the children are not expected to reach every objective listed here. There are large differences in development that we believe are perfectly normal. These goals and objectives are offered as a guidepost for our teachers to implement in the Creative Curriculum.

Assessment system, which is linked with our Curriculum, helps us identify and respond to the children's changing interests and abilities. It is a powerful tool for observing children, documenting their growing skills, and individualizing the teachers approach. 

Socio-Emotional Development: to experience a sense of self esteem, exhibit a positive attitude towards life, & to demonstrate cooperative, pro-social behavior.

Cognitive Development: to acquire learning and problem solving, expand logical thinking skills, to demonstrate skills in make-believe play, expand verbal communication skills, to develop beginning reading skills & beginning writing skills, to acquire concepts and information leading to a fuller understanding of the immediate world.

Physical Development: to enhance gross motor skills, to enhance and refine fine motor skills, and use senses in learning.